JuuLG Filmproductions

JuuLG Filmproductions is a filming group founded by Julian Gommers in 2010.
Julian works together with friends who also share the interest of making movies and films.
In 2011 the group consisted of 18 members, but it keeps growing.
Their biggest production -thus far- is 'Zero to None', an action movie about the daughter of a rich millionair who has been kidnapped.
YouTube is a great platform where beginning filmmakers can publish their work.
This is also what Julian and JuuLG Filmproductions have noticed.
Since 2007 Julian used this platform to publish his videos.
The video with the most views -thus far- is 'bloemkoolsamba' which is a song recorded with 6 singers who sing in canon.
This random but rhythmic song is used by many music teachers in their lessons which made the song quite well known in the Netherlands.
In 2009 the song was even featured on a popular music website in the Netherlands.
JuuLG Filmproductions has filmed various events like 'Proposal Flashmob', 'Christmas Flashmob', 'Vive l'Internat' and more.
JuuLG Filmproductions also made various music videos like 'When You Were My Man' and 'Bad Day'.
JuuLG Filmproductions was hired for various projects for the European School Woluwe: 'New bus parking', 'The Harlem Shake' and the latest 'Primary Secondary Transition Video'.
In addition Julian did nearly win the first price in an iCentre contest with the video 'Magic lion in the iCentre'.
Interested? Send him an email !
Check out the latest videos on the YouTube page!


Already for some time Julian has a passion for computers and websites.
Julian recently has helped with creating the new website for his school
and has created an app for a yearly held event at school called Footfest.
Julian first started programing at the last year of the primary school and throughout the secondary school he developed his programming skills.
At the moment he masters weblanguages like: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.
He is still learning databace linked languages. (PHP & MySQL)
After secondary school he would like to study Technical Informatics at the TU Delft.


Julian was born in Schiedam (the Netherlands) and moved to Leiden in 1997.
In 2002 he moved to Leiderdorp together with his mother and her friend Nick,
a very kind stepfather who is like a second father for him.
Julian lived there until he finished the primary school and had to go to the secondary school in 2007.
He decided to go and live with his dad in Brussels.
His dad had already moved there 7 years earlier.
He now studies at the European School Brussels, which is a pre university study.
Julian is now years old, and in years he will go to university.
In 2008 Julian started a series called 'Tuin & Tuin' with his friend Timon de Vos.
This was the start of his film carreer.
From that time he is making videos and started 'JuuLG Filmproductions', in which he works together with a group of students he met and who also share the passion to make films and videos.
They regularly meet and shoot films.
At present he is working on a movie called 'Zero to None'.
An action film which is about a girl from a rich father who is kidnapped.
You can see their progress on their YouTube and Facebook page.

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